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About us

The Healthfood Store is a family owned and run business. We are proud to be one of Australia's leading natural organic health food stores, providing healthy alternatives for over 20 years! Our mission is to provide the highest quality health products directly to our customers.

Our passion for natural health along with our extensive knowledge provide the best possible service, range and value for our customers. As we are an independent and owner operated store we can select and endorse the products which in our experience are effective, manufactured ethically and have well researched formulas and ingredients. Every health product we provide is high in quality and extensively researched. No matter where you are on your journey to optimal health we're here to guide you in your endeavour to health.

Our range of health products includes an array of vitamins, natural supplements, cold and flu remedies, aids for digestion, natural pain relief, stress relief and much more.

At The Healthfood Store, we are committed to your health. We want to enable you to live the fullest, healthiest life possible. We are dedicated in providing you with the support, information, and products that you need. Our friendly team are always here for support and to make sure your ordering experience with us is a positive one!

We’ll not only guide you and support you with our knowledge and advice, but help you discover your healthiest self.