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Wonder Foods Beetroot Powder 250g

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Wonder Foods Beetroot Powder is made from the familiar red, fleshy Beta vulgaris root, which is known for its impressive rich nutritional profile. Beetroots are loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C and also a remarkable source of choline, folic acid, iodine, manganese, potassium, silica, fibre and carbohydrates in the form of natural digestible sugars. Use this versatile powder to add a nutritional boost to smoothies, yogurt, cereal or your next recipe!

  • Source¬†of nitrates ‚Äď scientific studies shown to assist with improving power and endurance in athletes

Directions for Use:

Suggested Use:  For adults, mix two (2) tablespoons of powder with 240 millilitres of water, juice, or your favourite beverage. Taste and adjust liquid to your preference. Drink once daily to support well-balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 


Beetroot Powder (Beta Vulgaricus)

No fillers, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.

Contraindications & Cautions:

Use as directed.

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