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Caruso's Sage - 50 Tablets

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Caruso's Sage utilises an extract of the herb Salvia officinalis called Sibelius SageTM. Sage can help to improve some of the symptoms associated with menopause, and also assist with memory improvement.


Caruso’s Sage can help to enhance memory recall whilst also supporting concentration and focus. It may help to relieve night sweats and hot flushes associated with menopause and provide antioxidant support.

Caruso’s Sage health benefits:
• Improve memory recall
• Support concentration, focus and clarity
• Relieve hot flushes associated with menopause
• Antioxidant support

Active Ingredients:

Salvia officinalis dried leaf extract (Sibelius SageTM) 167mg
Derived from Salvia officinalis whole dried leaf 1.17g
Standardised to Rosmarinic acid 4.2mg

Adults take one tablet twice daily with food or as advised by your healthcare professional